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Tissue Cutting and Cauterization - Big Bag

Specific Machine for Locks - Big Bag Locked


In the preparation of raw material components such as polypropylene, raffia, cellulose and its derivatives for making flexible containers such as big bags, sacks, bulkliner and their segments.

Constructive way

Mechatronic and pneumatic drive, machine-human interface, metallic structure and traction-rollers coated with corrosion-inhibiting layers, equipped with a “lung” system that provides effortless traction,
preventing tissue damage.

hfcc 800.jpg
HFCC 800 model
FINAME code: 18,371.90
NCM 84440020

Model Variations

Machine for flat and tubular fabrics, laminated and conventional. Design with two variations of fabric passage in 0.70 m or 1.00 m . Meets 100% of market needs for the most diverse geometries and sizes. For a better production adjustment, consult our technical and commercial department.

Optional Items

  • Coil Elevator:
    Raise fabric on the machine's fixing bracket.

  • Cold Cut Module:
    Cut fabric without cauterizing it.

  • Cutting and Cauterization Tool:
    Stamp the necessary geometry on the fabric.

  • Electric voltage lowering transformer:
    Applies where electrical power is above 220v 4 poles.

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