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Cutting and Cauterization of Tissues for Big-Bag

Tissue Cutting and Cauterization Machine


In the preparation of raw material components such as polypropylene, raffia, cellulose and its derivatives for making flexible containers such as big bags, sacks, Bulkliner and their segments. Flat and tubular fabrics, conventional and laminated, hot and cold cut combined in the same equipment, allows cutting with two parallel coils. 

Constructive way

Electronic and pneumatic electric movement, with machine and human interface, metallic structure and traction rollers coated with layers that inhibit corrosion, equipped with a “lung” system that provides effortless traction, preventing tissue damage. Easily parameterized measurements through a digital panel.

hfcc 2200.jpg
Model HFCC 2200
BNDES Code: 1837183


Excellent performance machine with production cycles/hour from 600 to 840 units.
Fabric passage in 1.80m - 1.90m and 2.20m
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