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Tissue Cutting and Cauterization - Big Bag

Specific Machine for Cutting and Cauterization of Tissues


In the preparation of raw material components such as polypropylene, raffia, cellulose and their derivatives for making flexible containers such as big bags, sacks, bulkliner and their segments.

Operational Application

Cutting Flat and Tubular fabrics, whether laminated or conventional, using a hot and cold cutting blade with the passage of fabrics with dimensions up to “see table”. Allows simultaneous cut of fabric with two layers on top or parallel.  Equipped with a “lung” system that provides effortless traction avoiding tissue damage. Controlled by PLC and frequency inverters, they provide great flexibility in operation, measures easily parameterized through a digital panel, cuts parts of the big-bag such as the body, upper and lower lid, round valves, in an "X" shape, skirts, flaps, and other geometries. Discard expulsion system.

hfcc 1200.jpg
Model HFCC 1200
FINAME Code: 1837.18.3


Excellent performance machine, with a dimension of 1.20m to pass the fabric. Its parts/hour productivity ranges from 600 to 840 pieces in 1 (one) layer or from 1,200 to 1680 pieces/hour in 2 (two) layers.

Optional Items

  • Fabric Unwinder.
    It pulls the fabric from the bobbin in a "balance tray", avoiding direct traction effort on the fabric.

  • Coil Support.
    Accommodation of the raw material where the cutting process is allowed in single or double bed, simultaneous, parallel or overlapping; to analyze how the tissue behaves in the process.

  • 1 Tonne Elevation gantry.
    Coil movement and accommodation in the support.

  • Standard or Plus Cutting and Cautery Tool.
    Cutting and cauterization of the raw material. Geometry to be defined with the buyer.
  • Transformer 10 kva 380/220v.
    Companies with power voltage above 220v 4 poles, the voltage lowering transformer is required.
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