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Printer - Stamper for Raffia

Specific Machine for Silkar Raffia Sacks


Printing of brands and registrations of compositions in material such as polypropylene, raffia, cellulose and its derivatives for making flexible containers such as big bags, sacks, bulkliner and their segments.

Constructive way

Metal structure and traction rollers coated with layers that prevent corrosion, waterproof PVC mat, electronic and pneumatic electric drive, with machine-human interface IHN.

big bag and raffia printer
Model HFIMP 900
BNDES Code: 2166.67.3 (revising)

Model Variations

Optional Items

  • Hydraulic ink unit.
    Pump the ink and keep the pigmentation homogeneous.

  • Food table.
    Accommodate fabric to be printed.

  • Ergometric fabric platform.
    Bring the fabric into an ergometric operator posture.
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