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Our company

Hecfil adds theory and practice in its development. The main objective as a company is to provide solutions in machines and services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its customers, seeking excellence through continuous improvement and technological development, guaranteeing the reliability of the products,
quality standard and services provided.


Mr. Heitor da Cruz Filho, began his professional activities in 1984, in the sugar and alcohol industry companies in his region, in the machining and industrial maintenance sectors.



Due to his entrepreneurial spirit, he started the company Hecfil Serviços de Torno e Solda, working in the areas of machining and maintenance for companies in the region of Ribeirão Preto - SP.


Motivated by entrepreneurs and employees of companies in the region in view of their needs, the development and manufacture of machines and equipment for big bag packaging, baled, high load transport and other related activities began, meeting the needs of industrialization and production. of these sectors.



Alongside its work in the industrialization of machinery and equipment, in the provision of services, in tune with market requirements, improving itself more and more in the continuous search for innovation and technology in the manufacture of its products, Hecfil also develops and executes projects according to the request and needs of its customers.


Develop solutions that involve theory and practice, in order to meet the market's needs with quality and durability, and always building intelligent solutions in partnership in the constant search for efficiency.


Constantly seek quality in the design of products that promote efficiency for its customers, as well as growth and development
of their partners.

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