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Cutting and Cauterization - Straps and Ribbons

Machine for Cutting and Cauterization of Fabrics for Big Bag Handles.

Operational Application

In the preparation of raw material components such as polypropylene, raffia, cellulose and its derivatives for making flexible containers such as big bags, sacks, bulkliner and their segments.

Constructive way

Electronic and pneumatic electric drive with human and machine interface, metallic structure and rollers coated with layers that inhibit corrosion.

constructive application

Cutting and marking of flat tapes for making components used in the different models of flexible containers “big bags” sling for lifting loads.
hfcc 400.jpg
HFCC 400 model
FINAME code 2166.69.6

Model Variations

Optional Items

  • Reinforcement Module:
    Conformation of material for reinforcement between the fabric and the handle of flexible containers.

  • Strap Module:
    Conformation of material for handle of flexible containers.

  • Demarcation Module:
    Marking the point of the strap where the sewing will be applied.
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